Ibrahim Kushchu, MBA, MSc and PhD

CEO TheNextMinds.com

Founder, Turkish Consortium of Artificial Intelligence

Keynote: Implications of “Trans Intelligence” for Business and the Society

Trans-Intelligence refers to the inseparable existence of biological and artificial intelligence. Examples include two-way brain machine interfaces and brain-to-brain communications, intelligent prosthetics, Xenobots, mini brains, etc.  Recent advances in trans- intelligence are revolutionary and influence businesses and the society in many unimaginable ways. In this talk, I will present examples of cutting-edge research on trans-intelligence. I will then discuss implications of these recent developments on key aspects of businesses with special emphasis on industry4.0 and the future of work. I will then conclude with major insights to the future of the society, where human beings are becoming more like a robot (i.e., intelligent systems) and robots are becoming more like human beings.